What is a "Flex Ticket Book"?

A Flex Ticket Book is a book of tickets that you can use in whatever combination you can think of throughout the 2017 season here at Firehouse. No matter the book you decide on, you can use 1 for each show, 2 for 5 shows, all for 1 show. It's YOUR choice, hence why it is called a "FLEX" ticket.


Why should I buy now?

Two words: FLEXIBILITY and SAVINGS! You get to choose the exact way you want to use your tickets PLUS 15% off regular show prices.


Do I need to pick my seat to all of the 2017 season shows at once?

No! That's the beauty of the flex ticket book. You can redeem and pick your seat for any shows, whenever you feel like it! Even the day of the performance you want to see. However, we do recommend reserving your seats as soon as they go on sale, as you don't want to miss out on your favorite seat ;)


Is the flex ticket book good for ALL shows at The Firehouse Theatre?

No. Only our regular season shows are included. The only shows not included are those shows clearly marked *SPECIAL ENGAGEMENT* in the description.


How do I redeem a flex ticket(s)?

After purchasing the flex ticket book, you will recieve a confirmation email with a PATRON ID. Take that ID, and on the payment portion of the purchase, you will notice a link to "REDEEM BENEFITS". Use your registered FIRST and LAST NAME and PATRON ID. You will then be prompted to use however many tickets you want to redeem. Your cart should equal $0, unless you have other tickets in your cart that will not have the flex ticket applied to them.


Can I purchase 2 flex ticket books?

Yes you can! However, you will have to go through the ticket book purchase process 2 times because the purchasing system doesn't allow the purchase of 2 at once. When redeeming your tickets, you will need to go through the ticket check out process a number of times if you are trying to redeem all of them at once.