1. Find your PATRON ID and your registered FIRST and LAST NAME.

After purchasing one of our memberships, you will receive a confirmation email. Click on the "click HERE to view your order" link.



You will then see your receipt where you will find your PATRON ID, FIRST and LAST NAME registered in our system (we've used a sample account for this entire tutorial). You will need this information to redeem your tickets to our regular season shows without any additional cost. Occasionally, we will email all membership holders with this information, however, we highly recommend keeping a copy of this email/receipt for easy future use.



2. Choose the show, performance date and seat (s) you want.


After choosing the correct ticket level for each ticket (adult, senior, student, first responder, child), click "proceed to payment".



3. Look up membership and redeem benefits.


After proceeding to payment, on the bottom left hand corner, click "redeem benefits".



Use the provided information from your receipt of membership to verify your membership status and redeem your ticket benefit.




If you still have tickets left to redeem for your chosen show, choose the number of tickets you want to redeem using your membership and click "apply benefits". You are not required to use all available benefits in one cart. For example, if you have a 2 person membership, but only one of you wants a ticket, you can just redeem the 1 ticket now and redeem the other ticket for another performance of that show.



If all tickets in cart are covered by your membership benefits, you will just click "continue". If any tickets in your cart are not covered, you will need to enter a credit card to process the additional ticket(s).



4. Process and complete your order.


If all of your membership benefits cover your cart, your total will equal $0.00. Click "process $0.00 order" to complete your ticket order. If you entered in a credit card to purchasing the reamining tickets NOT covered by your membership, verify the amount and click "process $(dollar amount) order".



You're finished! The number of tickets you purchased should now be in an confirmation email at the email address listed on your membership. Print out these tickets as they are required for entry into our venue.


Redeeming membership benefits on a mobile phone is exactly the same, except part of step #3.

After step 2 (choosing your seats), for the first part of step 3, you will need to fill out your contact information and click "next" (PAGE 1).



Then scroll to the bottom to find "I'm redeeming benefits" (PAGE 2).



Enter your PATRON ID, FIRST and LAST name, click "search" (PAGE 3).



After the system finds your information, redeem your benefits. CLICK TO FOLLOW THE NEXT STEPS.