The Firehouse Community Theatre is made possible because of community involvement and support! Did you know that almost every person you come in contact with at FHT is a volunteer? People who volunteer their energy do so for many reasons: to learn new skills, to make new friends and to share the magic of bringing stories to life! There are lots of volunteer opportunities: house staff, technicians and administrative assistants. Everyone is important to FHT’s operations. Whether it is for one hour or every day, we need you!

General Volunteer Information

  • Upon arrival at the theater, volunteers must sign in and check in with the House Manager.

  • Review and understand the requirements of your position.

  • All volunteers should see to the safety of our patrons and prevent any delay or disruption of show.

  • Be courteous at all times and handle duties in a timely manner.

  • Record all cash correctly and fill out cash management forms.

  • Cancellations of volunteer activity: All positions are important and contribute to the theatre experience itself. Some are vital for the safety of our audiences. If you have volunteered for a show and find you cannot meet that commitment, please be sure to advise us immediately!

  • In appreciation of your service, volunteer staff are invited to stay and watch the show for free! In the event the show is sold out or you cannot stay for the performance you may return on another date.


HOUSE STAFF Volunteers

--Ticket Scanner: As patrons enter the building, scan their tickets with the provided device. Arrive 1 hr. prior to show. (Total commitment est. 1 hr. 15 min.)

--Box Office: Assign seats/sell tickets to walk in patrons. Reconcile cash box. Arrive 1 hour prior to show. (Total commitment est. 1 hr. 30 min.) (Brief training on ticketing system required.)

--Usher: Greet our patrons and help them find their seats. Assist patrons during intermission and end of show. Help pick up trash/blankets etc. left by patrons after show. Arrive 1 hour prior to show time, stay up to 30 min. after show. (Total commitment est: 3.5 hrs.)

--Hand Out Playbills: Hand out playbills as patrons enter theater. Arrive 1 hr. prior to show. (Total commitment est. 1 hr)

--Concessions and Merchandise: Set up concession area, pop popcorn, sell items through intermission, reconcile cash box and clean up popcorn machine and kitchen area. Arrive 1 hr. prior to show. (Total commitment est. 2hr. 45 min.)

--Parking and Crosswalk Assistant: Assist patrons to correct parking area and assist with crosswalk. Arrive 1 hour prior to show. (Total Commitment: 1 hr. 15min.)




BACK STAGE Volunteers

--Set Construction and Painting: Volunteers who enjoy building and painting are great for this area! These volunteers assist the Technical Director in constructing and painting the set. Set construction is a great place to learn some basic carpentry and painting skills. Required: Desire to learn and be part of the team! Training is provided to those without experience. (Time Requirement: Flexible and varies depending on show.)

--Costumes: Costume volunteers are instrumental in building costumes as well as putting finishing touches on projects. Anyone who can sew or craft—from simple alterations to full-scale construction to a variety of crafts—can easily become involved as much as your time commitment allows. (Time Requirement: Flexible and varies depending on show.)

--Light Board Operator: No production could happen without a light board op! The light board operator is the person in charge of running the computerized lighting console. This person works directly with the stage manager to ensure all of the lighting cues are executed on time. Training on how to use the light board will be provided, but it is as simple as the push of a button! (Time Requirement: Flexible and varies depending on show.)

--Sound Board Operator: The sound board operator works with the stage manager in executing sound effects during the performance via the computerized sound program. The sound board op may also be responsible for controlling live microphones that may be used in the production. Sound board experience helpful! Volunteers will be trained to use our equipment! (Time Requirement: Flexible and varies depending on show.)

--Stage Manager: This is the liaison between the director, actors and technicians. During rehearsals, the stage manager keeps a record of all the movements on the stage, a running list of anything added that is not in the script, prompts the actors with their lines during rehearsals, and assists the director in creating rehearsal schedules and calendars. During performances, the stage manager “calls” the show: sits on headset backstage guiding the tech crew members through their cues. The stage manager is also responsible for coordinating locking up after performances with the House Manager. Experience recommended. Training provided. (Time Requirement: Flexible and varies depending on show.)




General Theatre Support Volunteers

--Poster/Literature Distribution: Volunteers deliver fliers and posters to local businesses, libraries, colleges, and so on. (Time Requirement: Variable; set your own schedule.)

--Cast Luncheon: There are often times we have 2 shows during the weekend and we like to provide a light meal for the cast and crew between performances. Provide a dish for cast luncheon. (Time requirement: Variable. Sat/Sun.)

--Fold and Staple Playbill :Prepare playbills for performances. (Time requirement: Flexible - prior to shows)

--Office Help/Box Office: Answer phones, process ticket sales. Ticketing system training required! EASY! (Time requirement: Flexible day time hours.)